We specialize in Vietnamese beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, Vietnamese crab noodle soup( bun rieu), spicy beef noodle soup (bun bo hue), barbecue pork over thin noodle (bun cha), stir fried noodle( Ap chao), barbecue pork chop over steam rice( com suon), and other dishes.

Came here during my lunch break during a work conference, and it’s the perfect place for a quick meal! Parking is a bit tough in the plaza, and it does get packed during peak lunch hours, but my party and I were sat immediately when we got there, and the service was quick and efficient.

I got the Pork Vermicelli bowl and my goodness, it was the biggest one I’ve ever had! The ones I usually get are much smaller than these, and the egg rolls are a lot smaller too. The egg rolls in this bowl were huge, which I’m not complaining about because I LOVE egg rolls. The pork was well marinated and full of flavor, and you can never go wrong with the fish sauce dressing! I was only able to eat half the bowl because it was just that big. The only thing I wish they did differently was slice the pork. They serve the pork as huge slices and don’t provide a knife to cut it with (which I could have asked for, but we were on a bit of a time crunch), which made it a bit hard to get the perfect bite with noodles, veggies, and pork.

I am so excited this place is so close to my new work place, and will definitely be a regular!

-Amberly H

Very reasonable prices and very large portions. $10 for a “regular” that is a GIGANTIC bowl of noodles. The soup is super tasty!

It has more of a hole-in-the-wall vibe with slightly sticky tables/menus. It’s a huge restaurant, with tons of tables, but the tiny mall it’s in doesn’t have the most parking.

-Annie C

Such a staple in the rotation of restaurants that the bf and I like going to for reasons such as….
1. Food here is always good, or at least satisfying
2. It’s decently priced
3. Location
4. There’s a great variety of food here
5. Fast service

The downside about this place could be….
1. It is CASH ONLY
2. Service
3. It is loud, lol
4. Cleanliness – It’s okay…

Foodwise, they’re known for their pho whether it is beef or chicken, all the pho here is pretty good. After coming here for years and years, it is safe to say most things on the menu are pretty good. I don’t know a dish here where I would say to never get.

That being said, here are some favorites!
30. Bun Rieu (Crab Tomato Soup with Udon-like Noodles) – There is a strong tomato-y taste with lots of crab/pork pieces. LOL, it satisfies my craving for pasta strangely.

27. Vermicelli with BBQ pork and eggrolls. Loooove this dish. The bbq pork is just so juicy and soft and has great marination to it. The egg rolls here are my fave. They are so thick and stuffed with taro and shrimp. The vermicelli noodles are so soft, and goes well with everything.

2. The smaller version of number 1, which is a large Pho Dac Biet. Pho with all the cuts of meat! There soup usually goes from a range of “wow this is incredible” to “ok, this satisfies my craving.”

They do have appetizers as well! The spring rolls here are good, but you can’t really mess up spring rolls. The ingredients are fresh, and they are wrapped well without the wrap getting dried out.

I highly recommend their egg rolls. As I mentioned in the vermicelli dish, they are thicccc and they’re stuffed with shrimp and taro, and they taste so perfect with the nuoc mam.

This place is good for a quick satisfying meal. Cleanliness could better, and so could the service, but they’re both decent. Sometimes the waiters and waitresses will even smile at you…rare sighting, LOL, but overall the food here is good and so is the price.

-Tiffany W

Ate here a few times. It is busy during peak lunch and especially dinner times. We came here on Sunday around 4:30pm and there was no wait. Lots of tables for 2-4 people and a few for larger groups.

It is your normal Vietnamese food but the special grilled fish is what we order (pictures all over the wall). Says enough for 2 people but we stretched it out to 4 adults having 3 rolls each.

They give you lots of fish and greens… lettuce, basil, mint. I believe 8-10 wraps which is not enough for the dish so we ordered 5 wraps more for $1.

We enjoy this place because it is unique to dip your wrap in water and then wrap your own fish with noddles, greens, onions, and so on. Not sure really how to make the roll but wrapped it like a burrito. It can get messy but it’s so good!

-Brandon C

The place is legit Vietnamese food.

We ordered pork chops, combo pho #1 and egg rolls. Food is super fresh, the price is right.

The service is good, too. Not rude.

Vietnamese coffee is already mixed and poured, so no dripping to watch at the table.

Love it! Everything was perfect.

-Jackie S

Three years later and I can still say this is the best pho spot I’ve been to. It’s one of the few restaurants where I can say the food has been consistent. The service could use a little work but it’s not terrible.

More recently, we tried the Cha Ca La Vong which is basically spring rolls but with fish – enough for two people. I wish the fish sauce was a bit more savory versus the sweet kind because I think that’d taste better, but it’s still really tasty! There’s plenty of fish and veggies but I wish they provided more rice paper. If you need extra, they charge a dollar or two for more (which I think should be free).

If you’re in the mood for something warm and hearty, you can never go wrong with the #1 To Xe Lua, which is basically a combo of all the meats 🙂

Always make sure to have cash handy, but if not – there’s an ATM inside with a small withdrawal fee!

-Jennifer D

Honestly nothing can beat a hot bowl of tasty pho on a cold, rainy day. And where do you find pho with rich flavored stock, a huge portion of beef, and expertly cooked noodles? At Pho Kim Long of course!

When you show up, don’t be surprised if there’s a legit line. This is something you and the other waiting customers have to manage since there’s no list to take down your names. A waiter will look over and ask how many and if you’re in luck, there might be a table for you.

They’re super fast with everything – taking orders, bringing out food, and getting the check back to you. After our server took our order, I went to the bathroom to wash up. As I was getting back, our food was already at our table!

I ordered a #5 which is the pho tai (rare beef only). The regular suited me just fine and I remember thinking that it had a great ratio of soup/noodles/meat. I can never finish the noodles but this time I was able to even with the copious amounts of beef and soup. The soup broth is really good and the humble pho just shines here. The beef was all really tender and it was actual fillet mignon – no stringiness, no tendons, just pure beefy perfection.

-Emily L

I’ve been craving pho for a few weeks now, and this place hit the spot.

Service is pretty non-existent and rushed which really makes this place like 4.5 stars. It seems like they just want to serve you and get you out as soon as possible. But on the same note, you’ll get your food within a few minutes of ordering.

My boyfriend and I both got the #1 combination pho. I actually couldn’t finish my regular bowl because they give you so much of everything. So much meat, so many noodles and all the broth you’ll need. They have the best tendon. I typically give all my tripe and tendon to my boyfriend, but I hoarded my tendon to myself here.

I highly recommend this place if you’re craving a tasty bowl of pho. It won’t disappoint! Just make sure to bring cash!

-Christine F

Our first time here – never knew this was a popular place…but boy this place is so packed during the lunch hours. Phos are really good and of good portions, they came out really quick so I guess they keep some of their staple food ready most of the time. The only downside is that they don’t accept credit cards so it caught me off the guard a bit!

-Amanda M

This is our pho spot, hands down! The broth is so consistent every single time. I always order #17 (Pho Ga) and my husband always get #1 which is the special pho with a ton of delicious meats. He always orders a large with extra filet mignon lol.

Pho Kim Long never fails us! We have never had a time where our food tasted different or bad. Their chicken in the pho is unbelievably soft and will literally fall apart in your mouth. Consistency is on point. The portions are gigantic so be careful when ordering a large! We’ve also tried their rice plates, vermicelli, egg rolls, and other things. They’re very good, too! But we always end up coming here for our pho cravings. The service is very quick, attentive, and you’re in and out in probably 20 mins. There was only one time 6pm on a Sunday where it took 45+ mins to get our food and drinks, but that was one out of the 50 times we have been here. That didn’t changed our minds about this place.

-Best pho in the Bay Area
-Good, consistent food
-Fast service and fast food
-In and out in a jiffy!

-Cash only

5/5 stars

-Maybelline B